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Massage and Bodywork Services

Recieveing Deep Tissue Massage Asheville

Integrative Deep Tissue / Neuromuscular Massage

Our signature Deep Tissue / Neuromuscular massage combines targeted trigger point therapy, deep broad compression, friction, myofascial release and targeted stretching to help clients suffering with chronic or acute pain. Sessions are fully customized to each clients specific needs and requests.

45 min = $75 | 60 min = $100 | 75 min = $120 | 90 min = $140
Multi Session Discounts Available

Receiving Relaxation Massage in Asheville

Integrative Wellness Massage

If you desire massage and bodywork for stress management, ongoing maintenance, or relief from mild aches and pains we recommend our Integrative Wellness Massage. We customize each session to our clients needs. State your desired pressure, breathe, and leave your cares at the door.

45 min = $75 | 60 min = 100 | 75 min = $120 | 90 min = $140
Multi Session Discounts Available

Receiving Cupping Massage Asheville

Signature ProSelect Cupping Therapy

Our ProSelect Cupping therapy is used to reduce pain, soften tight muscles and attachments, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue, and increase circulation and tissue hydration. Schedule as a stand alone treatment or add to any massage service to aid accomplishing a range of goals.

30 min = $50  |   Incorporated into any Integrative Massage = $20


Receiving Sports Massage Asheville

Sports Massage with Signature ProSelect Cupping Therapy

With our signature sport massage treatment we provide athletes and active adults relief from common sports injuries and ailments as well as helping to maintain proper function to avoid future injuries. Utilizing specific strokes, targeted stretches, heat and/or ice, and our ProSelect cupping therapy we provide a 5 star service for those clients wanting or needing a more vigorous outcome based treatment.

75 Min – $130

Receiving Stretching and Massage Asheville, NC

AIS Therapeutic Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a specialized facilitated stretching technique designed to efficiently lengthen muscle, release fascia and improve flexibility. AIS provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes while lengthening muscle and increasing flexibility.

60 min – $110 | 90 min – $160