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Integrative Neuromuscular Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork  –  Asheville NC

We've Got Your Back...

Each Hands on Health session is customized to meet your needs. This approach defines “Integrative Massage” and simplifies the process of booking your service. Whether you’re seeking HoH Asheville Massage for pain relief, sports massage, injury rehab, or you simply want a chance to chill out…you’re in the right place. Tell us what you need, and relax…You are in excellent hands!

Deep Tissue Massage Asheville


Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, and Sports Massage

These therapeutic modalities incorporate deep compression, trigger point release and targeted stretching to address muscular imbalance and relieve chronic pain.

Swedish Massage Asheville

Wellness and Relaxation

Swedish style massage using smooth gliding strokes and lighter pressure aimed at deep relaxation, not to relieve chronic pain or other underlying ailments.

ProSelect Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy effectively increases circulation and lymphatic flow while loosing muscle, muscle attachments and connective tissue restrictions.

Therapeutic Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a specialized facilitated stretching technique desiged to efficiently lengthen muscle, release fascia and improve flexibility.

What Our Clients Say

I have received many different  massages in my life, but it wasn’t until I hurt my lower back that a friend introduces me to the Integrative Neuromuscular Massage Therapy at Hands on Health. After a thorough evaluation and assessment we created a treatment plan that fit both my schedule and my needs. With pinpoint accuracy identifying the root of my discomfort I am happy to report that my lower back still feels great and I’m back hitting the tennis courts!
Michele Davis

Whether you are looking for massage treatment due to an injury or hard work or just the therapeutic benefits of an occasional session, Hands on Health should be on your short list. I have gone to Steve for over a decade and he has helped me immensely with injuries as well as the usual wear-and-tear we tend to inflict upon ourselves over time. Steve checks in before each session and customizes the massage to meet my needs.
Brian Lee

Steve Mohrman at HoH gives the BEST sports and therapeutic massages! I have been going to HoH Asheville for several years and the massages are consistently awesome. As an athlete I always seem to have some sort of ache or pain. I have found it is worth the time to take care of my body on a regular basis with massage. It complements the entire healing process from training and racing. Each session is customized to my particular need at the time.
Daphne Kirkwood