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Owner and Asheville Massage Therapist Steve Mohrman

Steve Mohrman - Asheville Massage Therapist

Hands on Health Massage Therapy Center

Exceptional Professional Massage in Asheville, NC

Hands on Health was founded in 2003 by Steve Mohrman. Steve received his Massage Therapy degree from the New York College of Health Professions. He is a licensed massage therapist in NY, NM, and NC. Throughout his career has worked extensively with all sections of community. In particular, he has focused on working with athletes and those with complicated pain issues. As a result of his ongoing commitment to learning and his dedication to excellence, Steve has been the official sports massage therapists for the UNCA Bulldogs since 2004 and is dedicated to the advancement of the massage as a professionally and socially accepted healing modality.

“When I launched Hands on Health in 2003 I had a very clear intention for the work I wanted to do. I guided the practice toward clinical massage and sports massage therapy. My vision was to fill Asheville’s need for a massage center based on solid principles for pain relief, sports performance and wellness. I’m grateful for all the training and expertise I’ve gained in working with complicated pain issues and injuries, and I use those skills often, yet a larger vision for Hands on Health has grown. I have come to realize that good medicine is anything that opens a person up, brings them closer to wholeness and helps them to feel better. That begins with a  clear intention to meet each person where they are. My desire is to help my clients reach their goals for an active, pain free, and healthy lifestyle.

This work has transformed me as much I’ve aided in the transformation of others. Hands on Health is my way to encourage more health and vitality in the lives of others and to bring more healing to the world.”


HoH Massage Asheville Clients of Note:

  • NBA Charlotte Bobcats
  • The Biltmore Company
  • UNC Asheville Athletics
  • Mission Hospitals
  • Buncombe County Medical Society