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Golden Rule #1 – Drink ample fluid

Golden Rule #2 Avoid alcohol, sugar and tobacco

You can greatly enhance your “oh so good” massage experience by making the right choices before your massage. These very basic suggestions may be great guidelines for daily life, but it is especially helpful the day before and the day of your massage. One physical effect massage has on the body is that it gently compresses the muscles,organs, bones, blood and lymphatic vessels, fat (adipose tissue) and other soft tissue. As this repeated compression and release occurs, your insides are being bathed in fresh blood and lymphatic fluid which carries fresh nutrients to every cell and carries away wastes. Naturally you want the best ingredients to get infused into your cells for maximum healing and recovery.

Drink ample fluids. Take the fluids steadily through the waking hours, rather than realizing you haven’t had any fluids for the last 4 hours and try to make up for it by glugging a jug of water down in 5 minutes flat. 2 Liters per day is a general safe guideline for healthy individuals. There is no simple formula for calculating how much fluids will flush your system. Your best bet is to judge by the color of your urine; the goal being pale yellow to clear, which indicates that you are properly hydrated.

Purified water, organic vegetables, homemade organic soup, herbal teas are all fantastic choices and will ensure the best absorption into your entire system. Imagine that what you take into your body is the foundation of your massage treatment and deeper, more prolonged benefits from receiving massage will be your immediate reward.

Avoiding alcohol, sugar, and tobacco is advised, “because they ‘re bad for you!” Well, Mom may be right, but consider the theory that these items are acid-forming inside our body which means they create a change in your bodies pH. A litany of research is supporting the concept that many illnesses and degenerative conditions thrive in an acidic environment. Some examples are cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, and systemic yeast Infections to mention only a few.

Yes, you guessed correctly, alcohol, sugar, and tobacco are some of the most extreme factors in producing an acidic environment inside your body. This does not directly correlate to foods that are acidic such as an orange, but to foods that are acid-forming inside your body.

You can give your massage a luxury upgrade by following these simple guidelines before and after enjoying your treatment!
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