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Trigger points form in the skeletal muscles of ALL people creating pain and discomfort.

Stress, poor posture, and repetitive motion are the most common culprits. Treating TP’S with direct pressure feels great and allows fresh oxygenated blood to reach the deep fibers.  The muscles get nourished and the nervous system is helped to relax…this is why massage “hurts so good”.

Receiving professional massage each time you have a nagging ache is impractical, so here are two effective options for self -care.

Self-massage with tennis ball – This method is great for getting those hard to reach (yet hard to ignore) places between the shoulder blades.  By simply leveraging your body weight against the ball to apply pressure into the aching points you can effectively reduce trigger point pain.  The depth and sensitivity of the trigger point will determine the density of the ball that works best for you.

Foam Roller Massage – Foam rollers are becoming commonplace in fitness centers and finding their way into more and more homes.  Similar to using a ball, you can leverage you body weight against the dense foam to applying deep pressure into your muscles.  Foam roller can address larger areas of muscle while also the fascia and connective tissue.

Self-massage is effective, but it’s not nearly as relaxing as a professional therapeutic massage.  Asheville Massage.  At HoH we spend our days effectively treating trigger points with our Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy.  We are now in our 11th year with well over 11,000 massage sessions behind us.  We are among the most esteemed clinics for massage in asheville